Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Double Doozie

Sorry it's been so long. Wanted to post pictures but my computer is down so posting by phone. Kaidyn has been doing great! The doctor is very pleased with her progress. She now weighs 8lb 6oz. The only thing is working on her weight gain. Although she's gaining he would like for her to gain more. We met with the neo doctor her and he wants her to gain more as well. He also has a plan to wean her medicine and oxygen. We are now down from 1/4 to 1/16 and he wants her to be at 1/32 within the week. So that's the goal. Today she also had to her two shots, one in each leg. So today both she and I were not feeling well so we had a lazy day. She's becoming more active, rolling and scooting even trying to stand up! I forget she's only 1 month adjusted. We are having a great time even if I don't get much sleep. I'll post pictures when I can.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Kaidyn has been doing so good. She is growing longer by the day. She gets more alert as the days go by. She is rolling over now! She rolled over on the couch. She is trying to sit up and even stand up! She is moving right along. I think she will be the smallest crawling baby. ECI came by mostly to fill out paper work. We will meet with a physical therapist at the end of the month to do an assessment and determine if she needs services right now. So we will see what they say.

This week I went to my first MEND (Mommies Enduring Neonatal Death) meeting. I think its going to be a good group for me to be in. Somewhere I can talk about Kaiya with moms who understand what its like to lose a child. The only place where I'll be Kaiya's mommy. It was wonderful to meet these strong women.

Update on Maya:

Please pray for her. They just found out that because of her rickets she has 9 fractures throughout her body. They are comprising a regimen for to strengthen her bones but she is in pain now. So continue to pray for this precious baby.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Many Prayers Needed

Maya is in need of your prayers. As I previously stated Maya still has two surgeries to undergo and now possibly a third. We found out today Maya has ROP (retinopathy of prematurity) Basically, due to the amount to oxygen she has had to be given (as all mirco preemies) there is an increased risk of retina detachment which is happening to Maya. We will know next week if surgery will for sure take place. Right now Maya needs all your prayers.

Update with Kaidyn:

Kaidyn is doing good and growing big... well long. She doesn't look any bigger but she is stretching out. She rolled over for the first time on Thursday March 4th so we were very excited about that. Continue to pray for her development. We meet with the ECI organization (Early Childhood Intervention) to check her development.