Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Week Ahead

Just wanted to post a quick update on KJ. This week she will be fitted, hopefully, for braces just to sleep in. We think that she needs the support but don't want to slow her down or frustrate her by making her wear braces during the day. Also, we will be discussing with her ENT on taking her adnoids out. I just don't see this winter going good if we don't. As soon as she gets a hint of sniffles she gets super congested and this time even anitbiotics didn't clear it up. So prayers needed this week! Will update at the end of the week with results.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Learning new things

When I think back to the NICU and being told that KJ would be delayed, all I could do was prepare myself for it. I was more than ready to handle what was to come if we just made it out of the NICU. And here today KJ is doing better than I now I ever expected. She is counting, learning her colors (she may not get the color correct but she will name one lol), singing, dancing, and is an all around silly silly almost two year old. I couldn't have prayed for more if I tried. Matter of fact, I prayed solely to make it out of the NICU and the strength to handle what was to come after.

I will tell anyone the amazing story of KJ because I know without a doubt that it was God that got her through the NICU and to this point. And while KJ grows up daily and learns new lessons, I can't help but wonder how Kaiya would be now. But I know that she is with KJ daily and I am sure what fighting hard for her sister in heaven.

While blog post a farther between now I do hope that while prayers are still being prayed for KJ we don't forget that she did not start this journey alone. Kaiya Dawn will always be an important part in KJs journey.