Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Surgery Friday!

So, Kaidyn will be having surgery on Friday. She has a cyst in her chest will the docs want to have removed while its still small and she's still small (to reduce scar size). Prayers needed! Not too nervous about the surgery itself, more nervous if she has to intubated. That brings back horrible memories.

An update in general....

Things have been going good. She had a Temple NICU follow-up appointment recently and everything was good. Its soo funny, cause its like she knows when they say she's a little behind in an area because within the week she's doing it! ECI here in town comes to work with her twice and month and each visit she's moving right along. She will be crawling in no time. She has started to roll back to tummy now and gets up in crawling position.

She is getting two teeth in the bottom so a teething baby she has been. Which means, she's been CRANKY! Goodness, how many teeth do they get? She is growing up so fast. In a little over a month it will be the one year mark. I look at our journey and just praise God!