Saturday, May 22, 2010

NICU Follow-up Appointment

Kaidyn has her first NICU follow-up appointment on Thursday and it went great! She is now weighing in at 11.4 lbs.

We started off the day visiting the very special Maya and her mom Kristy in Waco. Maya is doing good since she has been home but is still a tiny little Mayabug. She and Kaidyn had a good time playing and Kaidyn showed her all her tricks. It was so cute!

We then went to Temple for our follow-up appointment. First the occupational therapist ( the same one that visited us weekly in the NICU) evaluated Kaidyn. By doing various exercises with her she was able to determine how far along she is developmentally. And Kaidyn is doing great! She measured about 3 months, which is how old she is corrected, and even four months on her motor skills! She showed her that she loved to roll over and kick and play. She's a regular wiggle worm and that fun paper on the doctor's table added to the fun and excitement. The only thing she scored low on was language because she would show her she could laugh, but she does here at home.

We then got to see another familiar face when the neonatal nurse practitioner came to do her evaluation on Kaidyn. Again, everything looked good. By this time Kaidyn was worn out from the kicking and the rolling.

All in all it was a great trip which we will make again in three months!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lifts Head and ROLLS!!!

Today Kaidyn was playing on her tummy, lifts her head and rolls over to her back! Yay! I was so happy. She has rolled over on the couch but I have been waiting for her to roll over on a flat surface and today it happened! Kaidyn is doing great! Officially off oxygen, 10.5 lbs 22.5 in. She is becoming such a big girl. Loves to stand and jump and even tries to "talk." She also received her first cereal bottle a few days ago and LOVES it! It is also helping with moving up her bed time to a decent hour.