Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Leg Braces and Such....

We found out that Kaidyn will have to get leg braces to help with her foot position. The ECI physical therapist said that its best to correct now and hopefully she won't need them long term. The issue is that when we stand her up she stands on her toes and won't put her feet flat. Her left will go down with pressure but her right foot is a little more difficult. She has high muscle tone in her legs so the braces will help with that. I mean she has calf muscles already!!! She gets fitted for her braces later this month.

Yesterday (Monday) Kaidyn had an eye appointment in Temple to check and make sure her retinas and all that looked good. Came out with a good report! Eyes are straight and tracking well! She is near-sided and will need glasses in the future but nothing to worry about for now. Back in a year for another check!

Today I found out that Kaidyn now has an ear infection. Two weeks ago when I took her to the doctor when I thought she had an ear infection she didn't it was viral. Today I took her just because she was still congested and having a hard time breathing (no fever or any other signs) and now she has an ear infection. Go figure! So we are on antibiotics for the next 10 days. This cold/flu season is not starting how I wanted. Luckily she was approved for the Synagis shot (to protect against RSV) so that puts my mind at ease... alittle.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

KJ Update

Kaidyn has been good overall. Sorry its been awhile since I posted. I've been incredibly busy! Anyhoo, her surgery went great! The cyst is gone and it was just a skin cyst. She recovered great. Didn't even phase her one bit. She seemed less cranky after surgery than she had been all week prior to. So that's a good think. Her post op went good as well.

She has gotten her first cold. She was getting a cold and I thought maybe an ear infection so I took her to the doctor. Her ears were fine so they gave her a flu shot and then her cold got worse. So we did breathing treatments for a few days and its gotten better. She has been super stuffy but its draining now (ewww..) So she get suction daily. I wish we had the suction thing from the NICU that was awesome! But we work with what we got.

I wanted to post also and let those who follow her blog that Baby Chole Gallaway passed away on September 21. She was 8 months and was in the NICU the entire time. Please pray for her family. She leaves behind her mom, dad, sister, brother, and a host of family and friends; many who never got to meet her face to face. Her services were so nice, touched my heart. I know Kaiya was there to welcome her into Heaven. Its nice to know she has a friend there with her.

We we are on the count down to a year! Here we go!