Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Here's to G-Pop!

So sorry for the long period between post. I was reminded on several occasions that I needed to update the blog by KJs Godfather or G-Pop as she calls him. So here you go G-Pop!

KJ has been doing great. Has not had a relapse of pneumonia (yay!). We have seen tremendous growth in here over the past several month. She has grown (straight up only), and seems like grew a shoe size over night. She is talking in full sentences now and even told me she wanted to wear a pink dress to school this morning. She likes to wear dresses and dance like a ballerina. She has hit the terrible twos but we are working on making good choices.

The plan is to put her in gymnastics this summer and take advantage of her increased muscle turn and joy for turning flips.

All in all KJ has just grown up to be a normal two year old. God has just blessed her beyond measure and the expectations of most. What an awesome God we serve!

PS Yes I know...no pictures. I will post some from my phone soon.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Baby Maya

I have posted on several occasions about Baby Maya, KJ's NICU BFF. Here's a little about Maya's story from her mom Kristy!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Its been SO LONG!

Wow, I didn't realize how long it has been since I posted on KJs blog. Time has surely flown by. There have been a few ups and downs since I last posted so I will do my best to update on all but they will probably not be in the order that they occurred, sorry.

KJ has been released from ALL therapy! Praise God! I was (still am) nervous about the ending of her therapy. Her therapist have been a part of our family and a big part in her great success. None wanted to stop seeing her but all said that on there visits they just played...she already knew everything!

KJ has still been battling recurring pneumonia the entire winter season. Just last week she had to go to the ER again with her 3rd cause this season of pneumonia. It was nothing but God that I was able to get an appointment scheduled with her pulmonologist and within a week she has having a CT scan of her lungs and a bronchoscopy. The CT scan showed that her lungs were completely covered with pneumonia (all but an area in her lower left lobe) and her bronchosocpy showed that she has some airways that are not fully opened and that she has some indications of reflux or aspiration in her bronchial tubes.

Treatment: for the pneumonia she has PIC line (long term IV) in her arm so she can receive IV antibiotics for the next few weeks. For the reflux or aspiration she will be started in nexium for reflux and will have a swallow test to see if she is aspirating (if food is getting into her broncial tubes).

Sounds like a lot but after a few rough days KJ is back at daycare, running and jumping around! KJ is truly a fighter and gives me strength everyday. Someone said to me the other day..."Wow, she is such a fighter, she has so much will, she will grow up to do great things!" And I believe God has a wonderful plan for her and this is all just her testimony!

Be blessed!