Saturday, January 23, 2010

All Bottles, Bottles, Bottles

Kaidyn has had a very good week. She is now getting a bottle at every feeding! And that means NO MORE FEEDING TUBE!!!! I am so happy for her! I can see home at the end of the tunnel. She is now 4lb 7oz so she is gaining weight! We are just waiting for her to come out of her isolette and then we will know more about a timeline to go home. It is still 50/50 if she will come home on oxygen but right now I just want to go home.
The RMH is packed! I have met some great people here so I am not too home sick but there is still nothing like being home.

Baby Maya is doing good as well. She is on a conventional ventilator and her parent now get to do Kangaroo Care with her. She's wearing clothes and is now starting to recieve breast milk. She will be one month tomorrow! Time sure does fly!

I have come to realize how truly blessed Kaidyn has been. Maya's mom was telling me that the doctors were telling her how rare it is to get through this journey with no surgeries or brain bleeds. And praise God, Kaidyn has had neither. She is truly a blessed little girl. Continue to pray for her that her lungs continue to strengthen. Pray for Baby Maya that she grows strong, her lungs grow strong. Pray for all the babies in the NICU. Daily I hear of babies having to go through life threatening surgery. Just the other day Kaidyn's doctor said she has already gone through more in her life than any of us every will. So true, these babies are filled with so much strength we just want God to comfort them in their pain.

Pray for the parents here, that they stay strong through this long journey. All the parents here are bonded through this journey. We are part of a club that no one asks or wanted to join, but members we are. It is not easy to be unexpectedly lifted from your normal life into the life of a NICU parent. Where your days are filled with hospital visits every 3-4 hours, little sleep, your heart stopping every time your phones, praying its not the NICU, wondering how long you will be here, a week, 2 weeks, or like us 3 months and counting. Being separated from your family is never an easy thing. I just ask that you pray for the babies but don't forget the parents. We all need your prayers that is the one thing we all really need.


  1. I remember those days all too well! Not fun. Hang in there, soon it will be a distant memory.

    Kaidyn is a superstar preemie!! I continue to be amazed at how God has performed so many miracles in her life.

    Blessings to you all!!!!!!

  2. Larhesa, you have my prayers. My goodness, I never stop to think of it like that. My heart goes out to you. May God Bless you and your family, and I pray that the wait is near its end...........

    Love You