Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Goodness of God

Kaidyn is still doing wonderfully. She is eating good and doing good with her temperature. Today Dr. Govande (her doctor) said that once she is getting a bottle at every feed and our of her isoletter we will know more about when she will come home. Hopefully that will be in the next week or two. She is still right at 4lbs, 4lb 0.6oz to be exact. She is on a diuretic so that is why she isn't gaining as fast as before. Continue to pray for her lungs. We are praying that she won't have to come home on oxygen, right now its still a 50/50 chance.

Baby Maya Update

Baby Maya made it through her surgery tonight. It was suppose to last an hour to an hour and a half, it was done in 30 min. The doctor said that he did not have to stop as many times as usual. He also said it was the best (conditions wise) surgery he's done on a baby her size. The next 2-3 days will be the hardest because her body will be adjusting to the surgery. She may get worse before she gets better. Continue to pray for her and her family during this time. Baby Maya has shown to be a real fighter.

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  1. Well, we are so ready and waiting for Miss Kaidyn to come home. Still praying for her and little Miss Maya.