Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another Transfusion

Today Kaidyn had to have another blood transfusion. Her little body just can't make red blood cells as fast as she uses them. Overall it was a good day. Her levels have been good, and little adjustment had to be made to her ventilator. She is on blood pressure medicine to bring her pressure up and she is responding to it well. She is also off her antibiotics which is very good. She's such a trooper, and to think just days ago I was complaining about the IVs I had in my arms and hands. I thought I would be able to start Kangaroo Care (skin to skin care) with her but her doctor thinks she is still to fragile and wouldn't tolerate it very well. Kinda saddened me, its hard not being able to hold her and offer her comfort. Although she mostly looks content I know she needs comfort and contact other than the pokes she gets daily. But on the bright side I do get to go in and do her hands on every 4 hours. That consist of changing her diaper, taking her temperature, putting on her lube ( to help keep in body heat), and putting biotin in her mouth to keep bacteria down and keep it from drying out etc. And today while the nurse changed her bed linen I got to hold her up. So for now I take what I can get. So that's pretty much what has happened in the NICU today.

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