Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A few more pictures!

Here is Kaidyn nice and comfy before we opened her house to change her diaper, rub her gums, take her temperature, etc.
Kaidyn's hand and Mommy's finger, wow her hand is so small!

Here is the diaper that Kaidyn uses on the left, and a regular newborn diaper on the right. The diaper that Kaidyn uses is still too big, we fold it in half!

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  1. LaRhesa,
    Jessica Harrington sent me the link to your blog, I know her form A&M. My prayers are with you! My son was born in April with a heart defect and we have gone through 2 heart surgeries in 6 months, the NICU is a hard place.
    My friend 4 years ago delivered her daughter at 1 pound, she is now a smart, healthy, beautiful 4 year old with an amazing story and life ahead of her.
    It is a long road, but ina few years you won't even think twice about it.
    Stay strong.

    Jennifer Eyring
    Class of 2001