Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Many Prayers Needed

Well, we have come to the first hurdle of this journey. Tomorrow Kaidyn will have her 7th day of life head scan. This scan is to check for bleeds in her brain. Please pray that she has no bleeds. From what the doctor has told me if she does there is not much they can do but watch and hope they heal on their own so many many prayers are needed.

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  1. Larhesa I know the road is long and tough... You both are in my prayers... I wanted to stop by and give you a touch of hope you know I went through the same thing with my son so I know exactly how you feel but no matter what those doctors say God is bigger than it all.. Don't lose faith your strenghth will help your baby grow and get well. Im waiting to hear bout yall walking out that hospital you and the baby.. I love you all. Trust in God