Friday, November 6, 2009

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Yesterday started off low for Kaidyn. Her stats were not looking good at all. The amount of oxygen they were giving her had increase tremendously and the nurses look worried. However, the respiratory therapist though her breathing tube may have been the issue so they lowered and sure enough her stats started to increase. She did come off the conventional ventilator and switched to a jet ventilator, which is a step back but I expected it as did the doctor. Her lungs are just not ready for the pressure the conventional ventilator puts on them. Her head scan came back excellent. There are no major bleeds which was such a relief. There is a tiny spot but the doctor thinks its just a blood vessel. She will get another scan next week to see if there has been change. They did take her off the dopamine for her blood pressure but she is now on antibiotics because her chest x-ray was not the best and they want to make sure she doesn't have an infection. We will get the results of that later on. By the end of the day Kaidyn was doing well and resting comfortably on her tummy.


  1. Our prayers and thoughts are with you, especially today. You are not alone; you don't even know some of us, but we know YOU! We are your warrior prayer partners sharing your story and lifting you and your family up daily. Thank you for sharing with us all. God Bless you

  2. Thinking of you and praying for the Lord to give you peace. Also praying for healing and strength for baby Kaidyn. She is beautiful. My parents are in Temple so please let me know if they can do anything for you.

  3. LaRhesa,
    Thank you for letting us join you in remembering Kaiya today. I'm so sorry for your sadness but so glad to know she's rejoicing with Jesus today. Your father spoke so much truth and it was very moving. Praying for your family and especially Kaidyn.

    Praise the Lord for such a wonderful head ultrasound, that's outstanding! Praying Kaidyn's lungs will strengthen and grow and that her body stays free of infections. She is an amazing fighter and we will not cease in our prayers for her. God is the ultimate healer!