Saturday, November 7, 2009


So, today we received the results of some of Kaidyn's tests. But first, an update. Little has changed over the past few days. She is still having to receive more oxygen from her ventilator and her blood pressure still dips low so they have started her medicine back. As for the results of the test; her test for the infection was negative but, one of her labs were high and there were some white blood cells in one of her cultures so the doctor thinks she may have slight pneumonia. So, although the test have been negative and they can't say for sure that she has pneumonia, they are going to treat her with antibiotics for seven days to be on the safe side. Now for her heart test, Kaidyn does have a murmur. Right now it is a small one resulting from a valve that is open in all newborns at birth, but for term newborns it closes within hours on its own. Since Kaidyn is a preemie the closure does not happen. So for now they are keeping an eye on it. If it grows, they will proceed as necessary. The doctor thinks that the murmur is what is causing her to need more oxygen and her blood pressure to be low. So all in all not the best news but not horrible news either. We all knew Kaidyn would have a journey ahead of her. She is being such a strong little girl and I pray for her strength to increase daily.

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