Thursday, November 26, 2009

So Much to be Thankful For

Today was a GREAT day. I did make the decision to go home for the day and I am very glad I did. Had a great time with my family. So, I went to see Kaidyn early this morning before I left. She was doing great and even showed some more of her super baby strength. Her oxygen was down which was good and she looked like she would probably switch ventilators again. Sure enough, she was able to switch ventilators a little bit after I left. I was so excited. So I figured she would be on this ventilator for a few days. So imagine my surprise when I got the phone call that Kaidyn was ventilator free. Yes, you read it right. KAIDYN IS OFF THE VENTILATOR!!! I am just so excited and proud of her. We are just praising God for his wonderful blessings! She has been doing good breathing on her own. Her oxygen need has increased a little but she is still doing very well. This is so exciting! She is now on what they call a CPAP. It's basically like two big oxygen prongs in her nose that are connected by a bar. On both ends of the bar there are tubes that go up by her head, which are pinned on to a hat to keep it all on her face. Its looks really big because she is really small (although I have heard that her pictures make her look big). But we are still just really excited! Oh and Kaidyn is now a whopping... 1lb 13oz! God is good all the time!

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  1. Go Kaidyn whoop!! Hooray for cpap! This totally makes my day!